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Article 1 - Object of the contract
1.1. The present convention (hereafter called "Convention") has the aim of defining the terms and conditions to which FLEET WASH is committed to provide the CUSTOMER, who commits himself to buy them, the Vouchers issued by FLEET-WASH, and to define the services to which these Vouchers will give right for the CUSTOMER and/or the final carriers of the Vouchers.
1.2. The different types of Vouchers issued by FLEET WASH, their price excluding VAT and the services to which they respectively give right to their holder at the time of their presentation and hand-over in one of the car-wash stations displaying the logo "FLEET WASH" are described on the Internet site: www.fleet-wash.com. Except if there is a contrary provision, the Convention applies to all the deliveries of Vouchers by FLEET WASH to the CUSTOMER.

Article 2 –Invoicing - Deliveries
The Vouchers ordered by the CUSTOMER will be the subject of an immediate invoicing, augmented with the mail costs and annual membership fee of 10 euro (hereafter called the "Price"), VAT excluded.
2.1. FLEET WASH is committed to sending the totality of the ordered Vouchers, by personal carrier or by registered mail, both with acknowledgement of delivery, at any previously agreed location in Belgium, and this within the 10 working days after the reception, on the account of FLEET WASH of the payment of the invoice. FLEET WASH is only responsible for the Vouchers that are contained in the sending addressed to the CUSTOMER, between the moment of their manufacture and the moment of their effective delivery to the address agreed upon with the CUSTOMER. In the event of loss, theft or destruction during transport, FLEET WASH agrees to replace the missing sending free of charge and as soon as possible.
2.2. The Vouchers delivered to the CUSTOMER will neither be taken back, neither exchanged nor refunded under no circumstances whatsoever. Moreover, their validity is mentioned on the Voucher and will not be higher than 6 months as from the date of the payment of the invoice. At the end of this period, they automatically and definitively lose their value.

Article 3 - Prices of the Vouchers and the provisions of services of FLEET-WASH
3.1 The Vouchers are sold by FLEET-WASH to the CUSTOMER at a price fixed according to the tariff stipulated at the rear of these conditions. These prices are labelled in euros, and are calculated without the annual membership fee of 10 euro per company and without the mail costs. The Vouchers are exclusively sold per books of minimum six units.
3.2 FLEET WASH reserves the right to modify the price of the Vouchers, its services and/or delivery costs at any moment provided there’s a notice of 1 month notified in writing to the CUSTOMER.

Article 4 – Responsibility of FLEET-WASH
The CUSTOMER expressly acknowledges having been informed of the fact that the washing services to which the "FLEET-WASH" Vouchers give right are carried out, in their own name and on own account, by independent car-wash stations having adhered to the "FLEET-WASH" concept. The CUSTOMER consequently recognizes expressly that FLEET-WASH cannot be held responsible for any damage occurring during or at the occasion of or because of the use of the Voucher or of the presentation or washing of a vehicle in one of these independent car-wash stations, being understood that the CUSTOMER preserves FLEET-WASH of any recourse against the latter. Any potential claim regarding the quality of the washing services provided will directly be addressed to the independent car-wash station at stake. Only the authentic and not expired Vouchers will be honored by the independent car-was stations participating to the FLEET-WASH concept.

Article 5 – Duration of the contract
The Convention is concluded for a non-specified duration, since it’s only a framework agreement, without any purchase obligation.

Article 6 - Applicable right and jurisdiction
Belgian law governs the Convention. Any litigation relating to it will rely on the exclusive competence of the Trade Court of Brussels.

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